Through a partnership with igaming content studio Bitblox, Betcoin will offer Hxro-powered betting games to its global customer base with an average of 150,000 monthly website visits

Betcoin is a featured brand of Coin Gaming Network (CGN), the #1 licensed cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook. Through this partnership, Betcoin now includes Bitblox’s flagship game Up or Down among its growing lineup of sports betting and casino-based games.

Powered by Hxro’s Parimutuel protocol, Up or Down is a prediction game that allows users to make simplified bets on short-term Bitcoin price action. Payouts are made to the winning side instantaneously at expiration with all data transparent and verifiable on-chain.

“The latest integration with Betcoin is just the start of a new paradigm in igaming that merges the vast web2 betting space with the transparent, on-chain infrastructure offered by Hxro Network.” says Hxro co-founder Dan Gunsberg.

Bitblox is an igaming studio that was created to build on-chain gaming content specifically powered by Hxro Network’s on-chain protocols. With several product launches planned for the coming months, including new peer-to-peer content, fixed odds, virtual horse racing, and free-to-play content, Bitblox is well-placed to become a leading player in the games sector of the $88.65 billion global gambling market