Hxro Network is pleased to announce it will be participating in a treasury swap with BONKDAO as part of a broader effort to progressively decentralize the network and bring DeFi to BONK’s global community of more than 475,000 holders.

$100,000 worth of $HXRO and $BONK will be swapped, with each treasury staking the other’s respective token for the longest allowable timeframe. By doing so, both Hxro and BONKDAO will maximize their contributions and rewards within each other’s respective networks.

The treasury swap marks an exciting new milestone as BONKDAO joins the Hxro ecosystem, helping push Hxro Network forward on its path towards progressive and sustainable decentralization.

The swap also coincides with a rise in aligning interests among BONKDAO and Hxro community members. Hxro Network stakers and token market LPs on Raydium protocol currently receive $BONK as a reward token alongside $USDC and esHXRO, allowing network participants to accumulate BONK and become part of the BONKDAO ecosystem. With the addition of max staked $HXRO to the treasury, BONKDAO will be offered the same opportunity to participate and have vested interest in the long-run success of another cornerstone Solana project. 

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