NoloBot, a trading bot that allows users to place orders natively from their favorite chat communities, is now available for installation by Discord servers. The Hxro ecosystem’s latest integration comes at a time of explosive growth in the chat-based exchange (“CHEX”) narrative across the crypto community, with NoloBot building upon previous efforts by Telegram-based competitors such as Unibot.

Powered by Jupiter Aggregator and Hxro Network’s Dexterity protocol (via APIs from Hxro ecosystem team Flowmatic), NoloBot currently supports one-click order entry on $BTC $ETH $SOL perps as well as spot markets on all solana-based tokens, with plans to add expiring futures and additional markets in the coming months. The bot also allows for cross-chain deposits and withdrawals from 20+ chains and over 120 different tokens, as well as SPL token swaps.

Discord users interested in using the bot must be in a server that has the bot installed. Once there, users can DM the bot, create a wallet, fund their account, and commence trading. While the bot’s functionality is currently exclusive to Discord, NoloBot’s public roadmap includes the future addition of both Telegram and Skype functionality, allowing users the flexibility to access NoloBot trading from their preferred chat venue. 

NoloBot Server Referral Program

Users responsible for the successful integration of NoloBot into new Discord communities will be eligible to participate in revenue share for all volume traded in the server. Referrers will receive 2.2 basis points of all perp transaction fees + 10 basis points of swap fees generated from the server. Those interested in onboarding new Discord servers can generate a unique server referral code and invite their favorite Discord servers to install NoloBot by clicking the “Referral Config” button when setting up and configuring their NoloBot wallet.

Learn more about NoloBot v0.9.0 in their latest Medium post

View NoloBot Install Documentation here

Hxro Network Volume Incentives

As part of the network’s 40,000,000 $HXRO Volume Incentives Program, all wallets connected to NoloBot are eligible to earn $HXRO rewards based on their pro-rata share of daily perps trading volume.

Learn more about Hxro Network Volume Incentives here