Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the HXRO Grant Program.


After extensive testing by contributing developers, both HXRO derivatives and v2 of the HXRO Parimutuel Protocol went live on Solana mainnet in the last quarter of 2022. Now that a strong technical foundation is established, the network has turned its focus to scaling. Part of the success of HXRO Network reaching a state of decentralization is contingent on the health and growth of both its developer and non-technical communities. This includes the development of a variety of user-facing applications powered by core HXRO protocols, ongoing end-user activity, as well as the continued feedback, testing, and participation provided by community members.

Knowing the important role that the HXRO builder community plays, the Foundation seeks to activate and further award a broad audience of technical and non-technical participants to engage with, improve upon, and compose with both Hxro protocols.

Therefore, HXRO Foundation has allocated 5,000,000 HXRO* to award to community members for their efforts in improving core protocols, developing and hosting new interfaces, scaling developer resources, performing quality assurance, translating network resources into various languages, creating product designs, community moderation and enhancing the overall security and quality of the HXRO protocols. Increasing community contributions to the network from a diverse array of participants is a critical step toward further decentralizing, scaling, and securing the network.

In aggregate, these community efforts will result in a more distributed, sustainable, and censorship-resistant network. Additionally, the program hopes to foster an environment that promotes open-source application innovation and, subsequently, the introduction of more participants to the network. Again, this is a critical component of achieving the network’s long-term success and overarching goal of progressive decentralization.

Program details

The Hxro Foundation Grant Program allocation will consist of three pillars:


#ProofOfHxro Grants

1,250,000 HXRO (25%) 

Awards for learning and building.

This pillar of the grant program is designed to incentivize new developers to go through protocol documentation and subsequently develop innovative, open-source applications that other builders can learn from.

Submissions to the #ProofOfHxro Grant Program will be made via social media (submission requirements listed below). The goal of this part of the program is to award engineers for utilizing Hxro’s documentation to build simple applications.

Developers can qualify for a grant by building an open-source, proof-of-concept project that utilizes information from our Guides and Resources in an innovative way.

Developers interested in submitting their projects for a #ProofOfHxro grant can make their submissions through Twitter by posting the following:


    • Brief project description
    • Link to a project demo (can be recorded)
    • GitHub repo link (note: the project must be open-source)
    • Solana wallet address
    • Tag @HxroNetwork and @ThalesHXRO
    • Include the hashtag “#ProofOfHxro” in the tweet

Bounty Program

1,250,000 HXRO (25%)

Grants awarded for completing development and creative-related tasks.

The Hxro Foundation Bounty Program is designed to streamline the process of finding motivated and driven community members to contribute to the ecosystem as it grows and becomes further decentralized. This covers everything from improving the resiliency of Hxro Network protocols to non-technical contributions, allowing opportunities for everyone in the community to get involved. All bounty tasks will be ranked using a 1-4 difficulty rating system, with the bounty prize increasing or decreasing in value according to the difficulty of the task. The ranking system for the Bounty program will be as follows:

1 = Non-Devs
2 = Low-Level Devs
3 = Mid-Level Devs
4 = High-Level Devs All bounties will initially be hosted on

dAPP Program

2,500,000 HXRO (50%)

Grants awarded for building and/or hosting innovative user-ready apps on Hxro Network.

The dAPP grant program is designed to incentivize newly formed high-tier development teams and/or existing projects to integrate with Hxro Network protocols in innovative ways.

dAPP program grant submissions can be made by submitting a proposal under the #network-grants topic on the Hxro Network Forum. *Grants may be awarded in both HXRO and/or USDC in situations deemed reasonable by the Foundation.