“I don’t think the wider crypto space is all that aware of this.  So there’s quite a lot of alpha in being early to all of these protocols and early to this network more broadly …”


Moats and Hoes: Why Protocols are Building on Hxro Network.

GM you filthy degenerates, which ass blaster 1000 Obama sonic inu shitcoin have you been punting this week? When the dust in your wallet is more embarrassing than your search history you know you have a problem.  …”


YOLO NOLO: The Discord Trading Bot Your Community Needs

To understand YOLO NOLO, let’s look at what can be said to be its earliest form. The MoonRekt game is the first game on the Iconic Markets, a platform where gaming and crypto combine to offer simple, secure, on-chain trading games, powered by the HXRO Network. …”


Gaming Studio Bitblox to Build On-Chain Games for $68B Online Gambling Industry

“Bitblox Games’ recent move to build crypto games for the online gambling industry could bring about significant changes to the Solana ecosystem, Hxro Network and online gambling industry as these on-chain games are focused on helping expand …” READ MORE >

Bitblox Confirms Focus on Crypto Gambling Games

The decision by Bitblox Games to move into the online gambling space could have broader implications for the Solana ecosystem as well, as the Hxro Network. Hxro Network co-founder Dan Gunsberg welcomed the opportunity and said:…” READ MORE >

Bridging NFT Communities to DeFi: A New Era of Community Capitalism

By harnessing the power of DeFi, NFT communities can create incentive-based systems that benefit both individuals and the community as a whole. One such collaboration between Hxro Network and Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA) aims to achieve this vision. READ MORE >

Gaming Studio Bitblox to Build On-Chain Games for $68B Online Gambling Industry

“The gaming studio, which said it is the first to introduce blockchain-based gaming to the online gambling market, will exclusively build on the Hxro Network, a distributed liquidity layer for betting applications on the Solana blockchain, to create “a suite of on-chain games,” said a company announcement…” READ MORE >

Gambling Games for ‘OG and Crypto Degens’ Coming to Solana

“Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Hxro announced that a newly-formed studio, Bitblox Games, has been created to develop on-chain, player-versus-player (PvP) gambling games that leverage Hxro’s Solana-based platform. In a blog post Thursday, Hxro said that Bitblox Games is where “OG degens meet crypto degens,” referring to the crypto slang term fo…” READ MORE >

PODCASTWhat are crypto derivatives and how will they evolve in the future? How is regulation defining this new industry? Join a fireside chat with Dan Gunsberg, the co-founder of Hxro, and arguably the best person to talk about crypto derivatives.LISTEN >

Crypto Derivatives DEXs Reposition for Life After FTX

That’s driven lots of new interest to some of the earliest decentralized players. Dan Gunsberg, creator of Solana-based derivatives exchange Hxro, said that in recent weeks he’s seen a boom in interest for his trading platform, which he claims cannot fall prey to the same pain points that felled FTX and its sister company, Alameda.…” READ MORE >

20 Top Innovators Building The Chicago Crypto And Web3 Ecosystem

With decades of experience in traditional financial market trading between co-founders Dan Gunsberg and Rob Levy, who were also early investors in digital assets, Hxro Network is a primitive layer solution for powering decentralized onchain liquidity, risk and settlement for trading and other financial applications worldwide. The project boasts investment and involvement from some of the worlds most active trading firms including Susquehanna, Alameda Research and Chicago-based firms Jump Trading and Chicago Trading Company (CTC).…” READ MORE >

A Complete Guide to the HXRO Token.

“In short, the Hxro Network is a decentralised derivatives platform that is built on Solana. The network is home to different derivatives products such as Futures (perps and expiring), European Options (majority of crypto options on the market), and more exotic options. So, it’s a whole network that…”


Hxro Network Announces $34M Strategic Round Co-Led by SIG DT, Jump Crypto and Blockchain Capital

The $34 million HXRO token round was backed by a marquee list of principal trading firms including SIG DT, Jump Crypto, Alameda Research, Chicago Trading Company, and Pattern Research as well as venture participation from Blockchain Capital, Solana Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Commonwealth Asset Management, CoinFund, Genesis, LedgerPrime, Mantis, and Magnus Capital.…” READ MORE >