Hxro Network’s volume incentives program is now live.

40,000,000 HXRO ($4,000,000) has been allocated to incentivizing early participation in Hxro-powered perps and futures applications, rewarding traders based on their pro-rata share of daily trading volume.

The volume incentive reward program will work as follows: 

1. Notional volume of all derivatives trading activity from any wallet connected to a network-powered dapp will be eligible to receive their pro-rata share of the epoch reward.  Both maker and taker liquidity will count.

2. Rewards are based on gross notional trading volume denominated in USDC and are emitted at the end of each epoch. There will be 1000 epochs of $1B gross notional trading volume.  Epoch rewards are emitted as esHXRO (learn more about escrowed HXRO here).

3. The first epoch will be for 240,000 esHXRO (24 esHXRO per $100,000 in notional volume traded). Each additional epoch will follow an exponentially decaying curve as shown below. A breakdown of the esHXRO emitted in each subsequent epoch can be found here.

 4. Participants will be able to view their rewards by connecting their wallet to hxro.finance and clicking the “Rewards” tab once connected:

If you have any questions or feedback about the rewards program, join the #HxroNation Discord.