OpenHxro is built on top of Hxro’s Dexterity protocol. The V2 launch of the derivatives trading dapp will serve as an open-source GUI reference implementation, meaning that anyone can now fork OpenHxro’s dex UI implementation and use it to create their own exchange dapp for perps and futures on Hxro Network.

The dapp can now be accessed at

About OpenHxro V2 

Most trading applications available today, both CeFi and DeFi, either require several steps for the trader to execute a simple order or only offer market-order execution. In both cases, this can put the active trader at a serious disadvantage. OpenHxro is the first DeFi trading application capable of providing single-click order entry for any tradable instrument. The OpenHxro interface allows users to utilize Hxro’s on-chain exchange, risk, and settlement layer, as well as access the network’s globally shared liquidity. 

Available markets currently include perpetual futures on BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and SOLUSD. Expiring futures contracts and calendar spread markets are slated to go live by the end of Q2 2023. 

Unique User Interface

OpenHxro displays markets in a visually simple and easy-to-read vertical “ladder” format. Market ladders give a trader the ability to enter and cancel orders with a single click. The ladder interface also gives the trader a clear visualization of market movements as bids and offers move against a static price axis. This style of UI, which has become a widely preferred interface in the traditional trading world, allows traders to easily react to markets in both outright and spread trading capacities.

The V2 launch of OpenHxro features: 

  • A ladder interface with a direct click to place an order
  • Orderbook selector with the ability to center to the market and “collapse” the space between best bid and ask
  • Full trade history
    • Summary of positions along with mark price and funding rate for perps
    • View your orders directly on the ladder (with the option of click to cancel) or via a separate order summary
    • View your fills history 
  • Order Entry Modals
    • A ladder interface with single click order entry/cancel
    • Sweep mode – sends an IOC (immediate or cancel) order at a given slippage % from the current market mid-point
  • Pro mode – sends limit orders at a given level

The $5,000 capital block that was put in place during the closed beta period has been increased to $10,000 and will eventually be removed.

OpenHxro is powered by Hxro’s Dexterity and SPANDEX Risk protocols 

Dexterity is a flexible, open-source collection of smart contracts that provides everything you need to launch and maintain any type of derivatives contract market. To learn more about Dexterity, read the whitepaper. Hxro’s SPANDEX risk engine is the first protocol to use a portfolio-based methodology to assess users’ margin requirements and monitor overall account health in real-time.

OpenHxro’s v2 launch coincides with the rollout of Hxro Network’s Volume Incentives Program which is now live.

Access OpenHxro’s Dexterity reference implementation at For more information on getting started, please join the #openhxro channel in the Hxro Labs Discord.